“They welcomed Us

  They raised Us

  They cared for Us

  We are Here because they were There for Us.

  NOW , They NEED Us.

  They don’t need money, clothes

  They JUST Need Us with

  The Ears which are willing to listen

  The Eyes which are full of respect

  The Heart which is ready to Celebrate


  The PRESENCE which is full of gratitude.

  Lets BE THERE for THEM.”

     ~Ashwani Deswal

Change Life with its Support Aged Project is dedicated to serve all those human beings who are in last years of their life,  being rejected ,discarded or disconnected by their own families and loved ones.

We invite YOU to be part of this pure attempt to  fill the voids in their lives with our love,time and energy.

You CAN be the ONE who can make them smile , who can brighten their life  with your genuine participation in this project to serve.

YOU can make the Difference. YOU Can BE the CHANGE to bring the CHANGE in their lives.

WE Need YOU and  your support. YOU CAN

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